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Beauty In Creation Series *Coming Soon*

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***Coming Soon***

This series consists of 28 images of varying sizes and are limited to 25 of each. Images are available individually or by the series. All prints are numbered and signed.

Experiencing the beauty of God's creation, which initially draws me in, I take a closer look, I witness His majesty and I am in awe of the ULTIMATE creator. An overwhelming rush of joy arrives as a result of not only seeing but experiencing the hand of the creator. He speaks to me through each image, revealing His love, peace, tenderness, kindness, beauty, His guidance, provision & protection. He is the King and I am His beloved daughter.

This collection was created over the course of a year, both in the field, studio & digital darkroom. Each subject was explored closely using line, shape and colour to translate each unique experience.

Please contact the artist to purchase or with inquires.

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