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Terrain Series *Coming Soon*

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***Coming Soon***

This series consists of 8 images of varying sizes and are limited to 25 of each. Images are available individually or by the series. All prints are numbered and signed.

These works were created on a week end adventure to Bancroft (Central Ontario) and feature the glorious Canadian Shield, which I was so fascinated with.

I was driving through Burleigh Falls and was absolutely awe-inspired with the topography. The massive rolling terrain had me suddenly yanking the car over to the side of the road, my soul needed to behold that beauty! After hours of soaking in this geological landscape, came closer inspection. Again my soul was absolutely gobsmacked!  The designs, patterns & textures that the cracks and crevices produced had to be explored through my lens. The colours and sparkles to be found within the different stretches of rock were also a delight to my soul!

Please contact the artist to purchase or with inquires.

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