Come behind the scenes with me on a country drive...

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Out for a drive along a fairly busy road with no shoulder and I see this GORGEOUS stand of aspens! Naturally, in true Laura fashion, I abruptly pulled the car over on what little patch of driveway I could find and got out to photograph these beauties before the light faded.

a stand of aspens in the fall
The whites of the bark was stunningly eye-catching BUT what I loved even more was the pops of green, reds, tans & yellows of the foliage and flora surrounding them. It reminded me of the mish-mash of leftover balls of wool in nanny's knitting bag, bringing warmth and coziness to the scene 💕

photo impressionism photo of Aspen trees created by Laura Cook

Upon exiting the car, I waited quite some time for the stream of traffic to break so I could safely cross the road.. and then the adventure began 🤩  Embarking on an impromptu photo-adventure that made my soul sing 🎶

Here's a few behind the scenes photos from the making of these beauties!

Laura Cook on side of busy road capturing the beauty of Aspen trees

The traffic zipped by at speeds of 80-100 km / hr, a little too close for comfort. 😬
Laura Cook photographing the beauty that surrounds on a busy road

★★★ I gotta know ~ which is your FAVE? ★★★
The realism, impressionism or both?
Let me know in the comments ⇣ 

Also , these beauties need names before they can be released - so drop your suggestions in the comments 

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  • Laura Cook on

    Yes Karen!! 😀 Great imagination. There are most likely a lot of ‘creatures’ in those trees, but wouldn’t it be sooo glorious if a large elk with a huge rack of antlers poked his nose out. ( If only we had elk in our neck of the woods ) I could totally see some majestic wildlife appearing within the frame and that would be AWE-some!

  • Karen L on

    I always like the realism best! I think of ‘hidden beauty’ in this photo, like there are creatures hiding away among the trees, which might appear if one waited quietly.

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