Presentation Questions

Do you offer framing? 
Frames are often quite heavy and fragile. Due to shipping costs and concerns, we do not regularly offer framing. Most of the photographs are standard sizes and can be displayed with widely available off the shelf ready made frames available at most home decor or art retailers. Or for a custom look, you may choose to take the photograph to a framing retailer. 

Any Framing Tips? 

Matting Photographs  
For best visual presentation and protection of the photograph, it is recommended to use a mat. The mat provides separation between the glass and photograph. If a mat is not used, over time and with temperature changes the photograph will stick to the glass. 

Selecting your mat and frame 

Since the photograph is the focal point subtle choices will keep the focus on the art. Typically white/off white matting and dark/black frame is subtle enough to allow the photograph to remain the focal point and works well with most interiors. For a little extra punch, we sometimes like to mat the work in black mat/black frame depending upon the image. For a soft airy feel you could chose white mat/white or light wood frame. If in doubt, get in touch and we will gladly help review your choices. We love that sort of thing! 

What About Customization? 

Have a special vision with our existing images for your space? 
Not only do I love creating these beautiful photographs for your enjoyment, it delights my soul to follow it through and provide creative presentations customized to your space.  
Let's talk !  

Do you accept commissions? 

I LOVE your work, and want something created specifically for me! 
Wonderful! I've worked with many individuals to create photographs specifically for their space.  I am available for only two commissions per year. Let's chat more about your vision and how I can help bring it to life! 

Wonder what makes the Artist tick? 

Cambridge, Ontario Photographic Artist Laura Cook of Vision Photography is quite unique and you can read all about Laura and what makes her tick here 

A note about colour. 

Here's a quick explanation as to why the colours you see on screen may not match the printed piece exactly. Screens are made up light-emitting red, green and blue pixels. Ink on paper, is not made up of lights and pixels and uses many more colours.  When printing a digital file, we are moving from one medium (lights on a screen) to another (ink on paper) therefore the representation on your screen may appear differently than the printed photograph. 

International Orders

Please contact us directly to get a custom quote for shipping and to place your order. 


Since all items are not stocked in 1 location, orders consisting of photographic art prints and handmade items will be shipped separately from the 2 locations, thus reflected in the shipping price. If you have questions regarding the combined shipping rate, please feel free to reach out.  

Shipping to USA - usually takes about 8 business days depending on location

Production Timelines

All orders are processed on Monday's.
Art Mini's, Magnets, Glossy Wall Art ships within 2 business days.
Photographic Art Prints and Art Cards are made to order and can take up to 1 weeks to produce, unless they are in the studio's inventory.
Wall Art can take up to 4 weeks for processing due to the custom nature.

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