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a relaxed lady in her home office, sitting behind a small laptop with a coffee in her hand. She is smiling and on the wall is a picture of 'Freedom Flight' an abstract of white bird on a blue lake. The blue in the photo matches the ladies light blue denim shirt. The art is created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography
Having the benefit of working from our home offices we get the luxury of creating our ideal work environment. Let’s face it, we spend most of our time in our workspaces, so we need to enjoy it.
If you’ve ever worked outside the home in an office set up you know the lack of control you have over the environment; aesthetics, climate, noise, and the list goes on. Now, we can appreciate having full control over not only the conditions, but the aesthetic of our spaces. We “get to” beautify our spaces.   
A side view of desks lined up in a table It's a co-working space office there are chairs for 4 people on 1 side and 4 people on the other side. The wall is white and on it is a large photograph of nuts and bolts created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography 
A very quick and easy way to refresh and energize your workspace, is adding art. Keep in mind when selecting art, invest in pieces you really love and bring inspiration. Your art selection will bring you joy, when looking upon it throughout the day, weeks and years.  

The art you choose will set the mood of your workspace. 

If your work is high stress choosing a calming piece creates an ambiance providing a visual retreat.  If you’re a nature lover, choose art that allows you to bring the outdoors in and create a nature inspired retreat that connects you to the natural world, while being at work. Create an energized workspace by selecting art that is bright and powerful to revitalize and stimulate.
 A desktop that has a small framed abstract photo that is robin egg blue and rusty wood. To the left of it is a vase and to the right of it is a jar with paintbrushes. The art is created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography.

There are several ways to bring art into your workspace. 

Want maximum impact? Invest in a large statement piece, as the focal point, the one that really wow’s you - and don’t stop there, remember to add a few smaller pieces for those small walls, desktop or bookshelf to accent and contribute to the ambiance of the workspace. 
Large statement piece of photographic art behind a desk in an office featuring a pink cyclamen created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography 
If you’re anything like me and thrive on versatility and love surrounding yourself with beauty, create a Gallery Wall. These are gaining popularity for the simple fact, you don’t have to choose a few pieces, you get to display and be inspired by multiple smaller pieces that you love.  You can start small, with 3 - 4 pieces and build it out over time. Gallery walls are perfect for the DIY-er and best part, you can swap the photos out easily to keep your space fresh and invigorating. 
gallery wall featuring Laura Cook of Vision Photography's beautiful eclectic prints
Don’t have 4 walls? No problem, you can still beautify your space with art. Choose a small piece. Set them on the desktop or bookshelf where ever you want to add a little pop of colourful beauty that energizes you.
Desktop featuring an imac and an art mini with a photo of Cambridge's Central Presbyterian Church at sunset by Laura Cook of Vision Photography 
Additionally, remember to bring the comforts of home into the workspace. Adding plants or fresh flowers, comfortable furniture for those off computer” activities contributing to the overall beauty and mood in the space.
Working in a beautiful space, makes it feel less like work. Providing joy, inspiring creativity, helping increase greater productivity. 
 A framed photo of Queen Anne's Lace on a desktop leaning against a wall. There are two small green plants in white pots to the right of the frame and one small white pot with green plant to the left. The photo was created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography
Need to refresh your workspace? I'm happy to help! From customized art to curated selections. I will work with you to help you bring peace, joy & wonder to your office. Contact me to start the easy process.

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Photographic Artist Laura Cook of Vision PhotographyBIO
I’m Laura Cook, Photographic Artist of Vision Photography. As a seer & lover of beauty, I draw my inspiration from the overlooked beauty that surrounds. I bring peace, joy and wonder to hearts and homes. I create visual retreats. Line texture and colour excite. I use the camera as my paintbrush to evoke an emotional response. Thriving on versatility, I offer abundant selection. Come and discover the beauty that surrounds on my website.
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