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UPDATE: Now held over until October 31, 2020! 

Join me this September in supporting Cambridge Memorial Hospital 

Vision Photography Supports Cambridge Memorial Hospital

DYK - 100% of equipment is funded through community donations? 


When I toured the new hospital wing last fall my eyes were opened about health care funding.


I took it for granted the hospital was just "there" for our needs, open and ready to serve with all the latest and greatest equipment.


Then I learned, that 100% of equipment costs are funded by the community - Crazy right?  I was blown away that the ongoing needs for replacement equipment is $5 MILLION a year! Yes that's right per year! 


Wow! Talk about taking our heath care for granted. Thats why I want to support Cambridge Memorial Hospital; to ensure patients have the equipment needed.  

A blood pressure monitor costs $5, 555 an IV infusion pump is $7, 045 
Infant incubators are $29, 073 ~ Yowzas! It sure adds up quickly! 


I can't sit on the sidelines knowing this!  I will support my community through my photography ensuring health care needs can continue to be met, especially in these unprecedented times of the coronavirus / covid19, but I can't do it on my own. 


Will you join me?
This September $10 of ALL print sales will be donated to Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation. 


As you may be aware, I love Cambridge and it's my FAVOURITE place to photograph!
I am pleased to present my continuously growing Cambridge Collection.  



Photography prints provide an affordable, quick and easy way to update your space. These prints come in standard sizes, so you can easily pop it into a frame and instantly have a delightful piece of wall art in your home or office! 

Show your Cambridge pride when you purchase one of these delightful prints.
Talk about prints with purpose!  It's wins all around!  You get a beautiful print for your collection, you're supporting local art AND your community simultaneously AND you are making a meaningful impact to lives of others through patient care in hospital. 


My heart is full thinking about the difference we can make together with these 
prints with purpose

 Thank you for supporting! 

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