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Photo Greeting Card of Poppies in a Vase is Perfect for the Poppy Lover

The Value of Handwritten Note

We all need emotional connectivity, it remains a core part of us. Sadly in our advanced digital age we have connectivity but the quality of that connectivity is missing. There is an emerging increase in loneliness.

Yes, we are connected digitally with others & our loved ones who we can't see in person. However, digital is impersonal it's so easy to hop online type an email, or do a video chat but imagine the difference you will make when you send your heart felt sentiments in a beautiful hand written note. It demonstrates effort, and that effort shows a deeper care and fosters a strong relational connection.

It's the element of surprise, when the receiver opens their mailbox who is expecting the standard bills or junk mail ~ but what a delight when they get an actual piece of mail and it is from you!! Can you see the huge smile their face?

They take it inside, open it up and see a beautiful photograph of delightful poppies symbolic of remembrance; their eyes are delighted, they read your note, their heart swells. You have just touched their heart and made their day! 

Unlike the store bought kind it's too beautiful to file away or put in the bin, so in their delight they place the card in a frame and display atop the mantle. They view the loveliness regularly often thinking of you.  

Who will you send some love today?

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A portion of the proceeds of the Poppy Collection will go to support Cambridge Memorial Hospital through the foundation.(Nov 2020)

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