Why Thanksgiving is the BEST time to send Thank You cards to your clients


We should all be in good practice by now with regularly sending thank you cards to our clients and business contacts throughout the year but did you know, you can really MAXIMIZE your IMPACT this Thanksgiving season? 


Yes that is right! While Thanksgiving is customary for families and friends to gather in celebration, in the business world there is no customary celebration except for maybe getting a paid day off. 


ūüćā Which is WHY this is the BEST time of year to re-connect with your business contacts because your contacts are NOT expecting to receive a customary THANK YOU card because it is not a thing.¬† At Christmas you better be sending them a greeting card, because they are most certainly expecting it.¬†However,¬†they'll¬†receive many, so¬†you've little chance of standing out from¬†the rest.

Katalpa beans on the fall floor, photo by Laura Cook of Vision Photography 

Thanksgiving is a naturally fitting time of year, why not send thanks!  When you send your clients a handwritten note you'll definitely set yourself apart. They'll surely appreciate the thoughtful & unexpected gesture. 


ūüćĀ The¬†key to this is sending an actual, tangible thank you card! Don't minimize¬†your impact with an e-card, email or DM anyone can do that. It's effortless and generic.¬† Taking time out to select a beautiful card and putting pen to paper demonstrates effort and that effort shows a deeper care and fosters a strong relational connection.¬†

fall image of vines cascading down a textured wall created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography 

When the receiver opens their mailbox and finds your card it's a surprise! What delight you just brought them ~ can you see the smile on their face? I sure can! They take it inside, open it up and see a beautiful fall photograph; their eyes are delighted, they read your note, their heart swells. You have just touched their heart and made their day! 


Unlike the store bought kind this photo greeting card is too beautiful to file away or put in the bin, so in their delight they place the card in a frame and display atop the mantle. They view the loveliness regularly - which keeps you top of mind! 

A photo greeting card featuring fall photo 'Confetti' created by Laura Cook of Vision Photography 

What an AMAZING impact from a single greeting card! Talk about EXCELLENT value & incredible return on investment! 


So, who are you going to send a thanksgiving card to this year?


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