2020 : A Year Of Creative Beauty

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Happy New Year! 

We're all ready to embark on 2021! 

2020 was quite an interesting year for all of us, but one thing that never disappointed was the beauty.

I will be sharing some of this incredible beauty that Abigail and I experienced in the challenging year of 2020, so join me in this exclusive 4 part video series where I will invite you behind the scenes into my digital darkroom to give you a glimpse of what has captivated my attention this past year! 

Abigail and I spent over 77 hours creating together and with over 16,000 images we have plenty of beauty to share with you! 

Get in on this exclusive series. I will walk you through the creative process what inspired me, some techniques I used and other artist insights. Plus these images have never been seen before, most are even straight from the camera. All this delivered right to your inbox. 

Get in on this series! 





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