The Beauty of 2020 : Pt. 2 Spring

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Welcome back!  This edition I'm welcoming you into my digital darkroom and giving you a sneak peek of just some of the beauty that captivated my attention during the spring, as we reflect on the beauty of 2020.


After a long winter, spring most certainly refreshed my senses. It's a whirlwind of blossoms and this particular spring I spent a lot of time in the field and studio working with all the gorgeousness! 


Allium, hyacinth, clematis,  amenome, lilac, poppies, wisteria oh my! PLUS finally learned how to pronounce the "amenome" hence the annunciation in the video
¬†ūüėā¬† I also learned of a new flower, and if you know the name, let me know it in the comments¬†


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Take a look 




Have your say; do these get you excited for the promise of spring? What spring flowers would you want to have hanging in your home to enjoy year round? What's the one flower you never tire of? 

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  • Laura Cook on

    Thanks Karen ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°
    It is such a blessing to know my works brings JOY! OOH Peony is so pretty ( that’s on the shot list this spring, didn’t quite have enough time to get it all in last year ) Lily of the Valley has such a beautiful scent! Reminds me of nana ~ she had them in a garden under the bedroom window and the sweet smell would waft in the window during my afternoon naps.

  • Karen on

    I’m finally watching these videos and enjoying all the glimpses of nature and the outdoors that you are sharing, Laura!
    My favourite flower is the peony and the close second is lily-of-the-valley. I would love to have those around all year, but perhaps they are more precious for having to wait for them and because of the brevity of their existence.

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