The Beauty of 2020: Pt. 1 ~ Wonderful Winter

adventures with Abigail

2020 was a challenging year, but the beauty NEVER disappointed! Abigail and I had many wonderful adventures, we spent 77 hours creating over 16, 000 images so there's plenty of beauty, that will bring you joy ‚ô°


Thanks so much for joining me on this 4 part video series. I am so happy to share this beauty with you! Today, we're going to venture back to where it all started, in the wonderful winter! 


For as long as I have been photographing I have enjoyed using special techniques to create abstract / impressionist images, where the end result becomes more about the emotion of a subject rather than preserving the actual object in its real state, or realism. 


I use my camera as a paintbrush when creating these types of images and it is super exciting. I get to break most of the rules ( except exposure and composition ) and allow myself time to play. It's quite an exhilarating practice. 


It in itself is quite an adventure, because the outcomes are mostly unknown.  Though from practicing for close to 20 years, my experience sometimes allows me to get predictable results. However, most times I prefer the element of surprise and trying different techniques to make beautiful soul-stirring impressions.


Have a look at the never seen before, series that kicked off my year of creating!   

I'd love to hear your thoughts, let me know what you think! Love this sort of thing? Not your cup o' tea? Would these creations be something you would love to hang in your space, if so where? What other applications would you like to see these photos use in? E.g cards, etc... 


See other images I created using this technique >>  ABSTRACT 

Next up : Sprouting Spring 

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  • Suzanne Rerrie on

    Wow ! Makes me wanna dance….. or roller-skate!!

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