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If you recall from the¬†Beauty of 2020¬†it was a highly creative year!¬†¬†Fortunately, the creativity overload carried forward and unfortunately it's taken quite awhile for me to catch up and process, and if I'm being honest... I am still catching up from the whirl-wind! ūüôÉ


I think though these past two years at the hand of the pandemic have been tough for social isolation, but inactivity has allowed me more time and mental clarity to focus on my practice. There were no outside distractions urging my participation so it was a jam-packed year exploring various subjects both in the field and in studio.

I'm SUPER-EXCITED to share the beauty of 2021 with you and if you are decorating in 2022, there might just be a piece or two that would delight you & enrich your space!

Seasonal highlights: 

I was fascinated with the wintering Trumpeter Swans visiting the Grand River.¬†I usually happened upon them when out for my daily walk 'sans¬†Abigail' {because these days I either walk or photograph, but I can't do both ~ not a lot of walking gets done when Abby is with me..ūüôÉ} I went out several times¬†with the intent to photograph and wouldn't you know it;¬† there were either 'no sightings' or they were too far away for my 70-200mm lens. Isn't that always the way! ūü§¶ūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ I was blessed though to be an eye-witness and marvel¬†at¬†their calls and behaviours. I was lucky to catch a fly-by, the image is not quite what I was going for but I'll take it! These birds are so majestic and brought tears of 'AWE' every time I saw them.¬†


Starved for colour this spring, I continued to be delighted with the spring flowers but this year was a little different than 2020 I followed my inspiration, branched out and explored some new techniques to create dreamy images.

This spring, I was really¬†taken with daffodils and narcissus. Their bright cheery colours and crepe textured petals brought such delight to my heart ‚ô° so of course I nabbed a few from the garden and brought them into the studio to see what I could create to¬†echo the cheer they brought. ūü§©

IRIS' continued to capture my attention, and well I am beginning to wonder if this is my FAVOURITE flower?! Oh who am I kidding ~ they're all my favourites ūü•į¬† I spent MANY hours creating with many different types of iris and even planted a garden! { thank you to all who donated stems ~ I will welcome receiving new varieties of stems this spring, so tell your friends and neighbours ūüėā }¬†

I photographed at every opportunity ( often having to blow off my schedule ) but there just wasn't enough time to capture ALL the beauty.  I can't wait for this year's spring blooms and hopefully get to tackle some peonies! 

Laura Cook of Vision Photography favourite photos for the seasons of 2021


Oh Summer! I'm not much of a summer lover ~ but ooohhh the beach! It's so¬†inspiring spending time¬†at the lake. Summer usually has me visiting Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Those sunsets in Grand Bend & Port Dover never get old. Of course I added a BA-JILLION¬†more contenders to the ever-growing coastal collection ~ more beach rocks, sand, dreamy water-scapes, sunsets, underwater pebbles.¬† In case you missed¬†last year's creations ~ come with me to the beach and see what I see¬†¬†to give you a taste of what's to come in just a few short months! ūü§©


As a lover of texture and colour, fall is right up my alley! I continued on with some of the series I started in 2020 because of course I just couldn't get enough of the beauty! I had such a fun time capturing reflections, exploring the leaves at my feet ( as usual )  I even went barn huntin'! Yep that is not my typical MO but inspiration hit and well, I just HAD to explore it! and the results were rewarding! I played with some ginkgo leaves and did a deep study of some rotten apples ( trust me it's not as gross as it sounds ) 

*Oh and I almost forgot* ~ I added about another 400 images to the Cambridge Collection this year

So there you have it, that was the highlights of my year in photos ūü•≥ Abigail and I have had quite the adventures this year¬†~ I can't wait to share¬†more beauty with you as the year unfolds! Get¬†beauty¬†right to your inbox¬†¬†and be amongst the first to¬†access new releases and¬†go¬†behind the scenes with the 'Adventures with Abigail' blog.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 
What's your favourite season and why? What images are you most excited about being released?  Do you accent your home or office seasonally with art?  What scenes do you love year-round? 

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