The Beauty of 2020 : Pt. 3 Summer

adventures with Abigail

I hope you enjoyed parts one and two of this 4 part video series reflecting on the beauty of 2020. 


Today, I am welcoming you into the digital darkroom for the third video, a look back at the beauty of summer! 


I was lucky to get back to the shores of Lake Huron for the second year in a row and it was such a blessing because during my first visit I captured some lovely abstract photos of the rocks underneath the water and I was swooning over the results BUT I wanted more...


Sooo upon my return, I hit the beach straight away (and not for recreation) I was most seen on the shores with my butt up in the air and my nose hovering just above the water catching these delights 


have a look 

Love to hear your thoughts: Are you loving these images? Are they making you long for more, like I did? Where would you want to hang these? Big or small? One or many? Love to hear your thoughts! 

Next Up: Fabulous Fall

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  • Suzanne Rerrie on

    So interesting !! Love your unique directions Laura!

  • Carolyn mcIntyre on

    Hi Laura
    I wondered when I’d get to see these images taken at the cottage.
    They are really nice and I agree….those added splash of colourful stones are fun!
    I especially enjoy the water ripple effect….certainly adds a whole different dynamic to the shots.
    Large or small I think these would make a wonderful addition to any home decor!

    Good for you …..I know the challenge you had getting these pics….DARN those waves!!😆. Cottage is booked for 2021….hope to see you there!🏖

  • Kate Brack on

    Laura, I have always enjoyed your emails and photographs but you’re underwater rocks and waves are wonderful! As a child I spent many a summer holiday on the shores of Port Elgin and spent hours observing exactly what you’ve captured. Later as an adult I lived for a year near Collingwood and spent time on the shores near Collingwood and Meaford, also enjoying similar scenes. This year, Covid-19 permitting my husband and I are planning a move back up north and these are the memories that draw us back.
    Thanks so much for your visions of my memories and I look forward to wall art that you produce in the near future based on these photos!

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