Celebrating 50 years of Cambridge

As a local Cambridge gal - born, raised and residing here. I am thrilled to be celebrating 50 years of the City Of Cambridge.  This city is such a beautiful place to call home. I enjoy spending much of my time enjoying the nature & wildlife of our great parks and trails throughout the city.


I particularly enjoy photographing nature found within and my most favourite, as I am sure you are aware is the architecture of downtown Galt. Those historical buildings and river views always delight. It's like a mini vacay, without leaving the city.  It always refreshes and inspires. 


When I was born, I received an official coin marking the amalgamation of Preston, Hespeler, Galt & Blair to become the City of Cambridge. I thought it was so special to receive such a keepsake.  It's amazing to think the City is celebrating 50 years! 


I remember growing up, taking lots of day trip to the big city of Toronto and as I would meet folks and they would inquire where I was from and remarked 'Cambridge' they had no clue where that was - I would have to always reference it according to the 401 "we're in between Toronto & London, 1 hour west of Toronto, 1 hour east of London"  I used to feel like such a country bumpkin' when the folks of the city never heard of it and when I was growing up, it was certainly no hick-town.  Mind you, we did a lot of driving up to Kitchener-Waterloo for dining and shopping because there wasn't much at the time but now, we're on the map and we're booming! 


It's so nice to see that times have changed and Cambridge has become a desirable destination for day-trippers looking to escape the city. We've welcomed many a celebrity over the years as Cambridge has become the 'Hollywood North' of the filming industry. Such huge productions that have filmed over the years and continue to film here due to the stunning architecture and beauty found within this pretty little gem of a city.  I'm glad that they see it too!  


I'm thinking of The Handmaids Tale, Designated Survivor, Murdock Mysteries, and just the other day low and behold Richard Gere was walking across the good ol' and my favourite landmark - the Main St bridge!  


Am I proud to call Cambridge home? Heck ya!  I sure hope it shows through my photography. Over the past 20 years I've spent hundreds of hours creating thousands of images of this city, I adore.


With an amassed collection of beautiful images I thought what a great way to share these photos by producing a calendar to mark the 50th anniversary. I’m pleased to offer this labour of love that celebrates some of the beauty of Cambridge.


The beauty of our city unites us and my hope is that by seeing that showcased within this calendar, many more will come to appreciate and be proud of this city we are privileged to call home.

2023 Cambridge Ontario Calendar


The calendars are available¬†here¬†with options for local delivery and pick up, while quantities last. ūüėä Thank you to the many who have already purchased, I hope these views delight, throughout 2023!¬†


Congratulations to the Corporation of the City of Cambridge on 50 years! May the next 50 be even more beautiful! 

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