How to Decorate Your Dorm Room

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Starting a new adventure this September?

Whether you're moving back to the dorm or becoming a new resident we've got you covered with tips on how to make your dorm room yours. 


I remember many years ago while attending Sheridan College, I lived in residence though it was great to live with other students, my home-away-from-home was not exactly "homey".  The institutional, concrete walls were not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing. 


While preparing for my college year, I got ALL the back-to-school 'things'. The supplies for academia, some fresh new clothes to make a great first impression and since I was moving away form home I got the essential home goods of bedding, cooking supplies and of course groceries. What I TOTALLY overlooked was home decor! 


As a student, I didn't really think much about decorating my space, I assumed it was going to be a nicely decorated space. Well, I sure was wrong. And since it was going to be "home" for the next 9 months I had to make it my own. 


While I couldn't change the furnishings, carpets, or paint colour. I sure could decorate my walls. Oh boy did I ever!  And I tell you it really did make a difference! Instantly the doom and gloom brought on by the concrete walls was quickly gone with the colourful nature prints I chose. 


I was a little home sick in the beginning. It was after all the first time I was away form the comforts of home and embarking on a new journey in a city I was not familiar with, and with folks I had never met before. So having big beautiful prints on my walls sort of eased my anxiousness and transported me away to the scenes in those pictures. 


Do yourself a favour - this school year as you are embarking on your new academic journey to university or college and are moving into the school residence in a tiny, wee dorm room REMEMBER - you're calling this place "home" for the next 9 months, so make it your OWN! 


Decorate it with what you LOVE!  Bright colourful photo prints are a quick and affordable way to change the mood of the space. You'll want to choose something you're going to LOVE to look at day in and day out. Something that will inspire and motivate you during those long late nights of studying ( or socializing - cause that happens A LOT too with dorm life ) and while you may not be able to bang nails into the walls ~ remember 3M command strips will help you hang that beautiful art! 


Another thing that helped me a lot while living away from home the first time was bedding choices. I got myself some nice sheet sets and a lovely duvet cover that brightened the room up a lot. Plus I threw in lots of comfy pillows to add textures and comfort to the institutional room. 



Lighting also helps to create a space you love. Totally sets the tone of the room, and while you may not be able to hardwire in new fixtures, strands of twinkle lights go a long way!  When choosing between cool white and warm white , I would recommend the warm white it helps create a cozy feel. 


So tell me, which of these tips are you going use to decorate your dorm room this September and make it your own? 

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