Published! In Photo Ed Magazine

I am super excited to announce that 'Aqueous Glow' has been published in the water edition of PhotoEd Magazine ( Fall 2023 ) 

This body of work was incredibly satisfying to create so it's my pleasure to be able to share it with y'all!

I sat in the shallow water along the shore for hours and hours, obsessed with the mesmerizing patterns the waves made distorting the colourful pebbles underneath. I heard the soft gurgles of the waves lapping in and out, which instantly calmed.

The hot sun beating on my back, and sweat pouring off my brow from the heat of the day- nothing could pull me away from the beauty at my feet; those dreamy patterns and colours were too delightful for my soul! ♡

View the full collection here 

Come to the Beach With Me, and See What I see


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